Terms and Conditions, Bookings and Cancellations



Speelpaleis Bambini Booking Conditions

Changes to the number of persons in a group must be notified 5 days before the visit, as a minimum. Where changes are notified less than 5 days before the visit, then a reduction in the number in the group will not lead to a reduction in the admission price. Changes in numbers may be notified by telephone on 0118-418 942 or by emailing info@speelpaleisbambini.nl.


Payments should be made in cash or using a debit card at the cash desk at Speelpaleis Bambini. An invoice for payment in arrears will be sent only where agreed in advance.


No charge will be made where a planned visit is cancelled more than 7 days in advance.

A charge of 20% of the total value of the booking will be made where the visit is cancelled less than 7 days in advance.

In all the above matters the decision of the management of Speelpaleis Bambini will be final.

Let op: bij warm weer, rond de 25 graden en warmer, is Bambini gesloten.

Bel gerust naar 0118 - 418 942 om te checken of we open zijn.

Reserveren is niet mogelijk. Alleen kinderfeestjes kunnen gereserveerd worden. De Powertower is gesloten omdat wij bij deze attractie niet de 1,5m afstand kunnen handhaven.

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